TARGET PharmaSolutions

Freelance contract to optimize and design internal application

Project overview

TARGET has redefined what’s possible in generating & analyzing real-world data and evidence.

The Problem

This project's main problem focused on finding ways to increase the efficiency and accuracy of data abstracted from digital and physical medical records. TARGET employs many people whose sole job is to focus on turning digital, pdf, and scanned documents into organized and usable information in a database. The previously implemented process for ingesting this data was inefficient from multiple standpoints, starting with the organization of tasks a single employee would take on using an outdated UI with various hacked workarounds that ultimately lead to a poor UX. Additionally, the QA process for determining data validity and accuracy was not optimized mostly due to that same UI's technological constraints.

The Process

This project started off with a week on-site where I did a deep-dive with a cross-functional team to learn about the current process, use the data abstraction tools, and observe how employees were using them. I then interviewed the employees who were using the tools and obtained their thoughts on the process in place. I interviewed the managers who oversaw the operation and the tech team tasked with developing the new solution. I learned a lot about the abstraction process's pain points and how the company envisioned it moving forward into the next iteration. After several weeks of organizing the information collected and completing additional research, the team had a hypothesis about improving the actual abstraction process and how the UI was slowing down the employees. With the director of abstraction's help, we developed a UX flow chart and identified the critical pieces of the interface we needed to improve. To facilitate these discussions, I created user personas for each person that touched the project's scope and clearly outlined the goals, frustrations, and motivations of each role. After this, we created a test plan to trial the new proposed process to determine if our hypothesis was correct before designing an interface to support that same hypothesis.

The Conclusion

Unfortunately, my contract got cut short before we started testing the new abstraction process or designing the UI that would support it. This was due to changes in leadership and the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional Work

As I was waiting for information/input from stakeholders, I created a design system for TARGET's internal tools that would also be used for the abstraction tool. I worked with their marketing department to align on colors, fonts, icons, and logo usage to deliver a consistent product experience both internally and externally to the company. I used this design system to increase engineering and UX efficiency on another internal tool they were building for reporting. I also provided some guidance on product development practices and proper PM procedures.

Employment Type

Freelance Contract


6 months


Product Manager and Designer


Web based React application